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Inspiration Feedback Loop

Those of us who like to try to create things are always looking for inspiration. I look for it everywhere, every day all the time. It is so nice when you get it unexpectedly from an unexpected source.  My green necklace was featured on Green Symphony Etsy Treasury List with beautiful green things! I am so appreciative of getting an unexpected inspiration boost like this, artists and designers helping other artists and designers. It creates a wonderful inspiration loop, your creation was admired by somebody, you get inspired based on the sole event that they liked what you created.

Etsy Treasury List Green Necklace

Green Symphony Treasury List on Etsy

In response I decided to try to help some other creative spirits out there and made my own list about Finnish Design objects to feature somebody else’s Etsy shops. Seeing the very familiar objects of Iittala, Arabia, Aalto, Saarinen, Kaj Franck  designs lifted my spirits, too (again!) Many of these items bring back a lot of memories. I also found some current crafters and designers from Finland that are doing some interesting things I did not know about.

Finnish Design - objects in glass, fabric, furniture, household items

Finnish Design Objects in Bright Spring Colors

Helping others helps you to succeed. Start an inspiration loop of your own and you may be surprised (and it may never end)!

Now, what is the tea towel design in the feature picture above? I am completely hooked. If you know the answer respond with a comment!