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Fashion Trends 2017

Greenery - color of the year 2017 greenIt seems that this year is all about green, because it is the selected Pantone color of the year, and also blues in various tones, and, continuing presence of pink (oh I love that!). Artistic patterns are in, as well as geometric, so anything using lots of color variation and random pattern, go for it! I have recently made enameled copper earrings that are “painterly” meaning mixing colors while the enamel is still hot. Wonderful effects can be achieved this way! Also, the trend is towards handmade, instead of diy – interior designers are choosing artisan created items that take skill to make. That’s awesome news for us artisan jewelry makers, too! Anyway, here are some commentary from the fashion gurus.

Pink - another color for the year 2017

IN: “There was an artistically inspired theme across the runways,” says Kate Foley, contributing fashion director of Vestiaire Collective. “From Roksanda and Céline to J.W.Anderson, Proenza Schouler, Marni, Valentino, and many other brands, whether directly inspired by a particular artist’s work, painterly prints, or patterns, strong art references will be here to stay in 2017.”

Trends for 2017 - geometric prints colorful

Designer and stylist Josiah Chua, 28, says the high-end Italian label has been leading the way with the vintage look for the past few seasons and the sentimental style does not appear to be fading.

“Even accessories such as huge rings and necklaces will be on trend too. It is about 1990s fashion as well – cartoon motifs and pop and retro prints.”

Vibrant, geometric prints. Pink, pink pink!


From metallics to mini lengths, sequins and strong shoulders—houses from Saint Laurent to Vuitton are taking time machines back to the Reagan era.
80's fashions are back


Elle says about home decor:

For years, the world has been obsessed with DIYs pulled from Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, Etsy, but designers are now looking toward items that are more “artisan” than “quick and easy”. You’ll see craftsmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with them emerge,”. “You’ll see the return of glass blowing, porcelain and even amazing woodworking — not just raw big chunks of recycled wood.

Green Painterly Multi Color Enameled Earrings

Painterly artisan earrings, mixed color patterns by Basketofblue!

Green Painterly Enamel EarringsBlue Green Enamel Heart Necklace

Ankle Bling is a trend for year 2017 - anklets are in fashion

Anklets are back! A big trend in fashion this year. Give your ankles some love this summer.

Flower print dress

Fabulous flower prints for 2017

Erdem 2017 dress

My favorite designer Erdem is not disappointing. Love the dresses!

Vacation print dress

Prints, more flower prints and keep the pink!


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Spring Color Schemes

Apple tree blooms in Southern Maine

Apple blooms in Southern Maine

It was a beautiful spring day in Maine today – dry, sunny with nice cool breeze and striking blue sky. I just had to go on a bike ride and enjoy it.  The air was so nice and the colors absolutely gorgeous. There is something about the spring on a clear day, there is such clarity of colors everywhere. The blooms are out and the leaves in the trees are just opening and they are so bright with this vivid striking intense green, resembling a lime green color.

That type of green only happens in the spring and then it’s quickly gone, lost in the winds. I was so taken by all the bright colors of newly born plants.  Colorful phlox everywhere in various shades of pink and purple is stunning. The daffodils that are still in bloom, early apple tree blooms and bright pink early lilac blooms not yet quite open.

Spring green tree leaves

Spring green tree leaves

Bright pink phlox

Bright pink phlox

Purple and pink phlox on the side of a country road

Purple and pink phlox on the side of a country road

Lilac blooms opening

Lilac blooms opening

Color is my ultimate source of inspiration. There is nothing so satisfying and eternally interesting than all the colors and their millions of shades. The light effects color in a profound way, and so do the seasons. Seasonal color is intriguing, a color in the fall is different from the same color in the spring! I get inspired by many things, but color is the ultimate one. There is nothing like it, all the limitless shades of colors.  In color analysis the undertone of color is taken into consideration and people are divided into cool and warm categories. You can clearly see this in the nature, how the undertone changes throughout the year. Just go outside and observe!

The green that I saw today really inspired me, it is the kind of green I do like, unlike the late fall dark muted green that is not my favorite.  The bright yellow of daffodils and forsythias, the pinks of lilacs, azaleas and magnolia blooms are all wonderful colors to work with. I took out some of my green and pink beads, this will be my palette.  I started some ideas wire wrapping beads into necklaces, it is relaxing for a change since you only need a couple of tools, wire and lots of beads!

Beads for spring color palette with some beginnings of wire wrappings

Beads for spring color palette with some beginnings of wire wrappings

Daffodils in Southern Maine enjoying the spring sun

Daffodils in Southern Maine enjoying the spring sun