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Fashion Trends 2017

Greenery - color of the year 2017 greenIt seems that this year is all about green, because it is the selected Pantone color of the year, and also blues in various tones, and, continuing presence of pink (oh I love that!). Artistic patterns are in, as well as geometric, so anything using lots of color variation and random pattern, go for it! I have recently made enameled copper earrings that are “painterly” meaning mixing colors while the enamel is still hot. Wonderful effects can be achieved this way! Also, the trend is towards handmade, instead of diy – interior designers are choosing artisan created items that take skill to make. That’s awesome news for us artisan jewelry makers, too! Anyway, here are some commentary from the fashion gurus.

Pink - another color for the year 2017

IN: “There was an artistically inspired theme across the runways,” says Kate Foley, contributing fashion director of Vestiaire Collective. “From Roksanda and Céline to J.W.Anderson, Proenza Schouler, Marni, Valentino, and many other brands, whether directly inspired by a particular artist’s work, painterly prints, or patterns, strong art references will be here to stay in 2017.”

Trends for 2017 - geometric prints colorful

Designer and stylist Josiah Chua, 28, says the high-end Italian label has been leading the way with the vintage look for the past few seasons and the sentimental style does not appear to be fading.

“Even accessories such as huge rings and necklaces will be on trend too. It is about 1990s fashion as well – cartoon motifs and pop and retro prints.”

Vibrant, geometric prints. Pink, pink pink!


From metallics to mini lengths, sequins and strong shoulders—houses from Saint Laurent to Vuitton are taking time machines back to the Reagan era.
80's fashions are back


Elle says about home decor:

For years, the world has been obsessed with DIYs pulled from Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, Etsy, but designers are now looking toward items that are more “artisan” than “quick and easy”. You’ll see craftsmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with them emerge,”. “You’ll see the return of glass blowing, porcelain and even amazing woodworking — not just raw big chunks of recycled wood.

Green Painterly Multi Color Enameled Earrings

Painterly artisan earrings, mixed color patterns by Basketofblue!

Green Painterly Enamel EarringsBlue Green Enamel Heart Necklace

Ankle Bling is a trend for year 2017 - anklets are in fashion

Anklets are back! A big trend in fashion this year. Give your ankles some love this summer.

Flower print dress

Fabulous flower prints for 2017

Erdem 2017 dress

My favorite designer Erdem is not disappointing. Love the dresses!

Vacation print dress

Prints, more flower prints and keep the pink!

Blue heart jewelry clothing trends 2016 -blue enamel hearts

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Making Hearts

Blue enameled copper heart jewelry

I had a big inspiration recently on creating hearts, I guess the concept of Valentine’s Day might have had something to do with it, since you start seeing hearts everywhere! Anyway, I wanted to try some new color combos in my enameling work. I use the torch method so you can’t really do as much detail with the enameling like you can in the kiln because I just dip and sprinkle, but with careful balancing act you can achieve interesting results. It all happens while dangling the piece of copper over the flame, adds to the excitement! And, you always get a unique result, so you won’t get bored with your artisan craft!
I wanted a tonal blue, so I did one with three shades of blue that I like to call “Blue Sky”. I cut the copper shapes from raw copper sheet, I like to use my own stylized heart shape. Made blue earrings to match the necklace, which is new this time, I have rarely done sets before. The other version I wanted to try was using some purple that I haven’t used in a while. I did purple with a blue center, tried to sprinkle an inside shape of a blue heart on the larger purple heart. I really like how it came out, put even some pink in there. Again, did matching earrings with the same purple and blue tones.

pippa middleton blue heart scarf

Pippa Middleton and the blue heart scarf

Purple and blue heart earrings - enameled copper handmade at

My purple and blue heart earrings

Thinking of the fashion trends this year, I did find some really nice heart prints in clothing. Even Pippa Middleton has been wearing a scarf with blue hearts on it! (It was for some good cause, and seems to be sold out.) I found a couple of nice blue heart sweaters also that I thought were really fun. Would go nicely with the blue heart jewelry! Some designers have also made heart handbags this spring. Kate Spade has a lovely clutch type bag that’s really cute. Hearts are red though, not blue. I may have to make myself a blue version!

Blue heart sweater

Fashion pictures from, and hearts handbag clutchcaliforniadreamsboutique.

green stoves


Bringing Art to Life – Did Sibelius Have a Green Fireplace?

Green stove at Halonen artist residence in Finland

Green stove at Halonen artist residence – the door has a sow with a litter of eight – depicting the eight children.

I finally got around reading  a book my sister sent me for Christmas about Finnish artists and their homes (Bringing Art to Life, Otava).  The book is about the residences of Finnish turn-of the century artists –  such as Järnefelt, Sibelius, Cedercreutz, Halonen and Gallen-Kallela.  I now have new inspirations from these artists’ homes! The homes have some very interesting features and are now inspiring me with their colors, especially with their fireplaces.

I have been using the color green recently a lot in my jewelry and scarf creations, and Sibelius, for example,  had the most wonderful green fireplace. Cedercreutz even had a “green room” and he  talked about how he felt about the color green: ” I too have my longing for new dreams, a new future self”, and green “is the color of hope, green lies on every hand, and the tree of life spreads its boughs into the surrounding space.”  The green room in his residence is the library, with green sofa, chairs and table with green curtains and over three thousand books to read.

Sibelius's fireplace in Ainola

Sibelius’ green fireplace in his living room.

The green room at the Cedercreutz residence.

The green room at the Cedercreutz residence.

Sibelius wanted his stove to be green, because he associated the color green with the key F-major. It is an impressive looking stove, I bet it kept the living room warm and provided inspiration for the composer! It was also known that Sibelius enjoyed the garden –  he appreciated vegetables and enjoyed the smells and colors of flowerbeds and visualized the keys as different colors.

Sibelius and Gallen-Kallela were friends, the story goes that one night in Kalela (Gallen-Kallela’s residence) Sibelius wrote part of his second symphony. Was he maybe inspired by the green stove…?

Gallen-Kallela's green stove.

Gallen-Kallela’s green stove.

All images are from the book  Leena Lindqvist, Norman Ojanen, (2008) Bringing Art to Life, Turn-of-the-century Finnish Artists Homes. Keuruu, FinlandOtava.

Hemp jewelry by evadesigns

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Hemp Jewelry Experiments – Bright and Fun

green hemp and seed bead necklace evadesignsmaineI did experiment with hemp before, but just this week I got new inspiration. First I wanted to incorporate some of my enameled copper pieces into a necklace somehow other than them being the sole item. Second since this it the “year of color” I happened to have hemp yarn in bright  green and light blue – how perfect since green is one of the big colors right now? I wanted to make it statement green (and blue), nothing lame. So I decided to incorporate bright green and blue seed beads into my hemp yarn and voila, with lots of crochet loops later it’s a necklace!

My other idea was to use some knotting and make a pendant. I used one of my round enameled copper pieces and one enameled iron bead in dark purple and blue tones. The hemp yarn is a light pink/salmon color, I went through my stashes of beads to find some individual beads that would fit the color scheme. My selection is a bit limited when it comes to the need for large hole in the bead, but I think it’s beginning to work pretty well. (still work on progress). So, now the hemp bug has really gotten a hold of me – I want to find more hemp colors, hoping to find some really bright ones for the next colorful creation!hemp and enameled copper pendant necklace evadesigns

Color for winter blues

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When Dark Outside Inspire with Color

Purple lavender and yellow, some colors for 2014How can you get inspired when it’s dull, dark and cold outside and you see no color anywhere? We’ve gone from terribly cold snowstorm to pouring rain in two days! This is always my problem in the winter since I am totally a summer person and love color and nature when its the most active. What to do?  Luckily I got a bit “prepared” during the summer and took a lot of pictures of plants, flowers and other colorful lively things. You got to think of the season ahead when designing jewelry anyway, what are the colors for spring, what new combinations could I try?

The Pantone color for year 2014 is radiant orchid – a type of purple. We also have bright shades or blue, green, pink, all are colors I like. I have been making scarfs recently and attached is a sample of one I made – bright blue and green – those colors together are so fabulous! (see pic) I watch men’s tie fashions – for some reason I feel it’s a good indication on trends.  Even the football announcers have sported some great colors and patterns. There have been some good ones – minty checkerboards, blue green stripes, bright pink squares.  Inspiring!

blue ties, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger for 2014 color trends

Going with Blue!

The combination of the bright light purple on the wall with the yellow lilies is striking and you can’t help it – it brings you to a cheery mood.  I am currently working on a green and white minty scarf, the combination is like a breath of fresh air. Color affects our moods and sometimes make us act a certain way (the best known is probably true red that can make people hostile and aggressive! But the darker red makes you eat and drink more, that’s why you see it often in restaurants.)

And yes, the blues “cool” you down, they provide restful sleep. Blue is known to be the most universally accepted color. No wonder the standard for so many things is blue.

Evadesigns Blue and Green Novelty Yarn Scarf

Evadesigns Blue and Green Scarf
See this on Etsy –

I’m going to go back to my color experiments with scarfs. It’s  perfect activity for a dark winter day (and can also keep you warmer!) Hope these colors inspire you as well.

colorful neckties

Samples of colorful neckties – candy like checkerboard and powerful combination of orange and blue stripes

purple and lavender trends for 2014

Various shades of purple and lavender are included in 2014 color trends. (And also in creative containers!)

Kambaba jasper, sodalite jewelry by Evadesignsmaine

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Fall Inspirations – Jaspers, Larvikite, Sodalite

Pantone fall 2013 colorsMany of us follow the color trend projections such as Pantone fashion color report to decide what colors to include in our designs. I have noticed before that many times you don’t even need to read any reports, the information just sort of “comes” to you. I find it fascinating how many times you find that your instinct was right. It might be that all the media and your environment, what you see and experience is actually “telling” you the color trends. Not sure, but I have always found color to be the most interesting part of design.

Earlier this summer I was suddenly inspired by colors I generally rarely use: greens, browns, grey and other earthier tones, as well as cobalt blue. I love blue, but that particular “medium”  blue was never one of my favorites.  (Well, Pantone named it Mykonos blue). I was quickly buying gemstones in these tones and really fascinated by them. I got jasper, sodalite, bronzite, larvikite, etc. in these tones. I was particularly inspired by Kambaba jasper which is this nice earthy, but cool green with orbicular shapes in black and darker green.

Kambaba jasper necklace by EväDesigns Maine

Kambaba jasper necklace by EväDesigns

Isn’t it interesting though that rocks like this jasper are formed from Cyanobacteria (form of algae)? They are actually composed of fossilized algae! Cyanobacteria were likely responsible for the creation of earth’s oxygen atmosphere. They were the dominant life form on Earth for over 2 billion years. Quite fascinating, don’t you think?

So far I have made a necklace and a pair of earrings using this interesting variety of jasper. I’m actually quite fond of the color! It is interesting how some shape, form or color combination can suddenly become so interesting to oneself. I definitely never thought I would like anything dark green again… it might be that the powerful qualities associated with jaspers are  getting a hold. It is told that this jasper will mystically soothe the nerves and your state of mind, and bring a sense of security as well as protection.  Jasper is highly-prized for powerful protective energy. Native Americans especially believed that it would protect against unseen dangers in the night. Jasper is said to calm a troubled mind and give courage, creativity and strength under pressure.

I am definitely feeling the pull. It looks like many of my designs will include natural gemstones this fall. You go with what inspires you!


Unexpected Beach Art

Every once in a while I want to check that I’m in tune with what is current in the fashion world when it comes to color, shape, patterns and so on. I picked up a spring fashion magazine at the store the other day and it had all the saturated bright colors that we have been seeing for the spring. But I was a bit surprised of all the yellow and green! The Pantone colors for this spring have emerald and lemon, but they also have violet, blue and nectarine (orange). We all have favorite colors, colors that we feel most comfortable with and then colors that feel foreign and hard to use. Green and yellow  have never been easy for me and I tend to avoid them. I think it’s probably best to follow your instincts and stick to what you like since you most likely will come up creatively with something better, but every once in a while I think it’s good to challenge yourself and try to use those colors that are less comfortable.

What did I find on my morning walk on the beach – more bright yellow and green! Two pieces of rope from a lobster trap had  washed up and created a composition in the sand. Even the ocean was creating yellow and green beach art! The morning light shined on it and it really looked like something you could find  in an art gallery.


Rope and Wood Composition – made by the ocean

Interestingly, I wasn’t thrilled by the yellow and green after I saw it in the magazine, but seeing it on the beach gave me a new perspective. This is an example how seeing something in a different environment can change your view on it. I am ready now to try working with these colors and attempt to create something yellow and green!

More searope art  - in green

More searope art – in green


Even the seaweed is yellow!