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Philadelphia Philly trails - walking and biking Pennypack park Lorimer park

Trail Inspirations in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia biking and hiking trails Lorimer Park Pennypack

Finding inspiration on biking trails? Yes, you might think that in the “big city” like Philadelphia you possibly can’t do that, but it’s quite the contrary. Feel the wind in your hair and watch the scenery go by, crossing bridges along the creek and saying hello to various critters in the wild.  I have been enjoying all the trails around here, there is so many to choose from. We are in walking distance to two big parks and they also connect to one another. You can walk or bike and choose the type of trail you prefer, winding in the woods or the newer trails on the old railroad tracks. I was away from here for a few years and I must say I really missed the trails!

Philadelphia biking trails Pennypack trail

Along the new section of trails along the old train tracks

I can begin my walking (or biking) straight from the front door, there is a small distance to go on the sidewalks, but then I get to the city farm that connects to the park (Hey, you can often say hello to the cows there!). I like to go along the creek, see the ducks while I walk, sometimes a turtle, bunny or chipmunk. If on a bike, the trails that follow the old rain tracks are really awesome, the surface is nicely packed, perfect for riding. I like to go across the rail road and watch the commuter train go by (they put nice lights and gates along the trail). The old bridges have now wooden sides and it’s really fun on your bike to see the water. At one point you might even find the snack food truck along the trail, they have nice tables and chairs for you to hang out, too!

philadelphia trails bryn athyn snack station all aboard cafe

Snacks anyone? The food truck is here today, not yet open this early but later it’s snack time! (At this point you are technically in Montgomery county)

Philadelphia Trails along Fox Chase Farm

Philadelphia Trails along Fox Chase Farm

Philadelphia trails on Pennypack creek

Pennypack Creek, Philadelphia

philadelphia trails commuter train septa walking path crossing

Train is coming! Love how they put this crossing along the trail, we never thought you could just cross this part on your bike!

philadelphia trails

Along the Pennypack Creek Side Branch

Philadelphia trails

Occasionally you might see the park ranger making sure things are going great on the trails. Wave!

pennypack trail bridge biking walking path

One of the new bridges along the newest section of the trail, you breeze through so many of these!


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Blue Finn Studio (previously Evä Designs) is my creative studio where I design jewelry and other accessories. I am now back living in Philadelphia after several years finding inspirations at coastal Maine. Please visit my website at!

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