Thoughts of Design Inspiration


Blue Hazy Beach Sky


Early morning hazy blue sky on Maine Coast

Sometimes when you are at the beach early in the morning and you look up you see these marvelous shapes lining the sky above you. It looks like a painting with soft puffs of shapely clouds. The sun just came up and is still looking hazy, the cloud cover blocking off some of the rays. It is texture and color with a great lighting effect that will certainly get your creative thinking to soar!

Other times you may catch a real pastel painting on the sky. Pink, purple, blue, even that lime shade of green in between. The green is usually the hardest to see, but you have to keep looking in order to get a glimpse of it. I have seen some really good paintings of these colors by a local artist. It’s mesmerizing.  Those colors are more reserved for the sunset though, the morning starts out with extremely powerful orange. But that’s for another post.

The blue hazy and puffy cloud sky instantly got me thinking of the blue enamel colors that I have used in a couple of pieces recently. I want to get the puffy texture of the clouds to show up, possibly hammering the copper piece first so you get enough texture on it after it has been enameled. Wish me luck – I’m still learning the powers of enamel! (In other words, it rarely turns out the way you intended, you get creations that were inspired by a certain thing but end up looking like something completely different!) Well, I believe that’s part of the fun of the whole concept of torch enameling. If you did it in a kiln you have much more control, but the making of it might not be as much fun.  I was reading an explanation about the difference of torch enameling compared to the kiln process that was very well put: ” It requires working from instinct with a sensitive observation of cause and effect. The torch oxidizes and blends the pigments, creates patterns and causes chemical reactions that do not occur with kiln firing. Firing times are intuitive and the temperature is controlled by the length of the flame.”  So, there is lots of potential for both success and failure!


Color adjustments applied in Photoshop – you could really produce this beautiful texture in any color.