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Lobster trap art

Can Lobstering Inspire Creativity?


Happy lobster buoy bat shopper

Happy lobster buoy bat shopper

Now that I have been here in Maine for a year I am starting to understand how important the whole Lobster and everything that goes with it is for people here.  When you wonder around in Maine you end up seeing lobster related objects everywhere – souvenirs, traps, floats (or buoys),  signs, food and so on. I have taken countless pictures of “everything lobster” and many of them are inspirational. On the beach you see plenty – the trap marker buoys with great colors,  traps and bait bags  washed up on the beach all the time. Sometimes they have all gotten mangled together in very interesting ways with various forms of other things floating around in the ocean.

Lobster traps, bait bags and rope combined by the ocean into an artistic form

Lobster traps, bait bags and rope combined by the ocean into an artistic form

The rope bags that hold the bait come in bright colors, often yellow, orange or green. Every once in a while you see one that has weathered beautifully or broken up so that it creates a different shape like the one in the picture next to the seaweed. It has formed itself to resemble the seaweed form!

Lobster trap bait bag washed up on the beach

Lobster trap bait bag washed up on the beach

There are so many crafts that use the lobster theme, the floats can make beautiful decorative items, sometimes they are made into bats! (see picture) The local candy store makes lobster shaped chocolates. There are key chains shaped like lobster, mouse pads, towels, dishes, clothing , stuffed lobster toys, jewelry, and of course, lobster beer! (Well, it’s not made out of lobster…) And don’t forget about the lobster trap Christmas tree.  Various towns make their own, in Rockland there’s a whole event for it. Talking about lobster art – how about the picture by Bob Orsillo, the Night of the Lobster Man…


Lobster trap tree at Nubble Light


The Night of the Lobster Man by Bob Orsillo

This lobster trap marker was literally glowing on the beach. I have no idea how it’s possible, but it’s not a trick photo!

Glowing lobster buoy, not an enhanced photo!

Glowing lobster buoy, not an enhanced photo!

The lobster lane gathering of lobster markers in various colors can inspire one to create clustery colorful things. It is like a big earring!

Lobster buoy signage

Lobster buoy signage

The stack of traps is very geometrical, makes one think of modern wire designs. You can combine blocks of different color, sort of like legos. It could inspire one to make a design with lots and lots of cubes or rectangle shapes.


I haven’t yet attempted to make lobster jewelry, but I’m sure that time will come! I have collected  many trap parts and have plans to make some decorative items with them. The options are really endless!


Author: evadesignseditor

Blue Finn Studio (previously Evä Designs) is my creative studio where I design jewelry and other accessories. I am now back living in Philadelphia after several years finding inspirations at coastal Maine. Please visit my website at!

4 thoughts on “Can Lobstering Inspire Creativity?

  1. This is a fun and inspiring post! I love the vibrant colours of the buoys. The bait bag washed up on the beach looks like a necklace – or at least you make it look that way. Great pictures!

    • I’m enchanted by all the rope I find on the beach. (Partly because of the vibrant colors, and how it reforms itself.) It seems like the bait bags “belong” with the ocean, even though they are man-made. Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. LOVE it when we see Buoy Bats blogged about. It may not have been a lobster but rather a device used to catch them that inspired me to invent that Buoy Bat the shopper is holding up! We just released this design this year and it looks great with the smile on her face. We are feeling good about things and hopeful the world realizes our bats are just plain more fun than all others! Thanks – Buoy Bill Page, Inventor of The Original Buoy Bat.

    • So exciting to meet the inventor of the Buoy Bat! The lady holding the bat was a random shopper I saw at the Patriot’s Day Festival in Ogunquit. She was very happy to pose with her new bat. Nice to see how lobster related items inspire other people as well! Thanks for your comment.

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