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Recently while browsing at a crafts bazaar my attention was caught by a beautiful blue stained glass piece hanging on a display. It had this wonderful clean flow and coloring and the shape instantly suggested to me “seaweed”. Now, the artist told me she thinks of her design as jelly fish or octopus, but that it’s really up to the viewer to decide. It reminded me of seaweed shapes I’ve admired on the beach and some of my own recent attempts trying to replicate those shapes.

Art glass by Dasken Designs

Art glass by Dasken Designs

This glass piece gave me instant inspiration, and I could’t get it off my mind. I ended up going back the next day and purchasing it. I began thinking of jewelry inspired by the design and interior design that it could live in. I ended up finding this website ( where you can make ideabooks of home designs- furnished room designs, accessories, products and so on. I made an ideabook featuring blue rooms and products inspired by the blue in the glass decoration.

blue ideabook

Blue aqua ideabook that I created – see it at

For me the best environment I would see this art glass octopus in would be something shore or cottage style with cool clean tones and airy feel, with ocean nearby.  The person living in this space would have an outfit that fits the theme. The blue rustic bead necklaces I’ve been working on recently would work well and I found pieces for an outfit that would also go with the necklace.

Blue outfit example with Eileen Fisher top, Tommy Hilfiger shoes, skirt by unknown designer and Evädesigns rustic shore wood necklace.

Blue outfit example with my rustic shore wood necklace.

Blue table - selection from Platt's Beach House Furnishings

Blue table – selection from Platt’s Beach House Furnishings

While looking at the photos for the ideabook I found this really awesome blue glass chandelier. It is definitely seaweed! The full picture is included in the ideabook.

Chandelier by Dale Chihuly

Chandelier by Dale Chihuly

I had to include some Finnish design in my picture, a painting for the wall by Simo Mantere (juuret – roots) and the forever timeless Kartio glasses on the table!

It is great how other forms of design can inspire you to create in our own medium.  It gives you a more complete view and understanding that can open up your mind for further exploring with your own work. It’s good to open up the curtains every once in a while and look outside!

Kartio glass by Kaj Franck

Kartio glass by Kaj Franck

"Juuret" by Simo Mantere

“Juuret” by Simo Mantere


Author: evadesignseditor

Blue Finn Studio (previously Evä Designs) is my creative studio where I design jewelry and other accessories. I am now back living in Philadelphia after several years finding inspirations at coastal Maine. Please visit my website at!

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