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Fuzzy Yarn Egg Flies – Are They Beads?


The other day while I was at a sporting goods shop I was taken by a small display right by the shop counter. It had these really cute and fuzzy looking colorful balls lined up  in tiny little rows that at first glance looked like beads to me.flyfisheggs

Of course, they weren’t beads at all, but since I don’t do fly fishing to me they looked like beads.  The man at the counter told me that they  were trout eggs. Trout eggs are yarn egg flies made out of this fuzzy bright colored bug yarn used in the art of fly tying. I was instantly planning how one could make earrings using these neat findings!  I then got really interested in how these crafty balls were actually made and started watching youtube videos of fly fishermen tying these fascinating “bugs”. It does seem to have many similarities to beading and jewelry making, various small specialty tools, strong nylon thread (like fireline) and a neat looking vise where the hook is held while the egg (or fly) is tied on it. There are also many small beads used for eyes and heads, and many colorful, shiny and fuzzy materials.

Woolly bugger

Woolly bugger


Fly fishing flies


Nice green color scheme on this fly!

Gaines Bass King Popper

Gaines Bass King Popper


Jacks Fighting Crab (!)

The variations on these flies are endless, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The actual bugs look very realistic and are made with all kinds of specialty “parts”, wings, legs, hair, eyes, body fur, and so on. The names of these materials sound so exciting – krystal flash, holographic mylar, fluoro fiber, ice dub chenille, pearl mirage flashback tinsel, shimmer fringe, gliss ‘n glow!

What if you tried tying something similar using wire or a headpin instead of the hook? And why couldn’t you use any type of thread, as long as it’s thin enough? I want to try this technique to see if it could work for bead making.

Oftentimes one expects that beads used for jewelry making are made out of glass, acrylic (plastic), gemstones, clay or wood. You think of the “soft” materials less often, yarns, wool, fabric, paper and so on. Beads can be made out of yarn, wool can be used to make felt beads, fabric can be used in various ways, sometimes tied into beads with yarns or glued into shapes. The options are endless, and it offers so many opportunities for exploring!


Beads made out of yarn and into earrings


Felted wool balls

Fabric bead

Fabric bead


Author: evadesignseditor

Blue Finn Studio (previously Evä Designs) is my creative studio where I design jewelry and other accessories. I am now back living in Philadelphia after several years finding inspirations at coastal Maine. Please visit my website at!

2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Yarn Egg Flies – Are They Beads?

  1. Fabulous colors and textures! I love to see what catches your eye, and how you think of incorporating the most unlikely materials in your work – in the most playful and creative way!

    • Thanks! Color is what keeps me going, shape, texture and especially shine and sparkle are a nice bonus. These bugs seem to have it all!

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