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Wood bits

Wood Coins and Drill Holes


wood pieces and parts used for my jewelry

Different shapes of wood from the hardware store

When I visit the local hardware store I generally linger around the plumbing department. I can spend a lot of time looking at the small pieces of copper parts and I do use them a lot in my jewelry to enamel with. This time I ended by the drawers in hardware, full of little bits, parts and pieces. I kept perusing the different drawers and ended up in the wood piece drawer. Didn’t know there were so many interesting small wooden parts that were used in construction!
I got interested and instantly started getting ideas – what if you painted these shapes and crafted them into a jewelry piece such as a necklace? I ended up finding more small pieces near lumber, little plugs that were already shaped nicely flat and round.


Wooden hardware store bits painted

The next day I went looking for paint. First I was thinking of using  wood stain and even tried some food coloring I happened to have in the cabinet. The results were pretty good.  I even tried making my own organic color, but the kale I blended in the machine didn’t really produce enough color. (!) I did read  that there are some berries and plants that you can use successfully. The colors you get out of the natural ingredients are not as bright, I wanted to get some brighter color. I did some research on the internet and found out that regular craft paints should work just fine. I found  a whole isle at the craft store, they had surprisingly many options of quality and brands.

I picked out some turquoise shades in pearl and satin, I figured the change in reflective material in the paint might give a nice contrast between the pieces.  Add some type of finish to make the paint more durable and I was ready to begin. I did some hole drilling and painted my pieces, then treated them with some spray finish. Pretty nice beads!


Round wood pieces drilled and painted – ready to be beads for jewelry!

The color and finish options on these paints are quite remarkable. I can keep experimenting for a long time! Let’s see what I will come up with when it comes to finished pieces! And always look around, you never know what you will find in your local store.


Author: evadesignseditor

Blue Finn Studio (previously Evä Designs) is my creative studio where I design jewelry and other accessories. I am now back living in Philadelphia after several years finding inspirations at coastal Maine. Please visit my website at!

2 thoughts on “Wood Coins and Drill Holes

  1. I love perusing the shelves at the hardware store too, but I have never seen such interesting wooden pieces. What great finds! I look forward to reading your next post and seeing your next explorations.

    • Thank you for the comment! I am now experimenting cutting my pieces out of dowels and trying to get better at sanding. It’s always an adventure what comes out of it!

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