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Seaweed Inspirations

Seaweed Ogunquit Beach

Seaweed piles washed up on Ogunquit beach, Maine

What washed up on the beach? Huge piles of seaweed that are waist high. Quite crazy, never seen anything like this before! It made me wonder around the seaweed piles realizing how many different shapes of seaweed there really is. Quite a staggering number, and how they remind you of other shapes in your everyday human life.

sieve kelp seaweed

Agarum clathratum (Sieve kelp)

I looked up more information on the internet and found some of the ones I saw. One looked like lace (yes I used to crochet lace with my grandmother when I was real young.)  I think it is Agarum clathratum (Sieve kelp). That one probably fascinated me the most. It makes you think how you could make a shape similar to it in copper, maybe a pendant. Some other ones have a real flow to the shape, that make you think of creating jewelry imitating it.

One type looks like leather, it could be some type of an artistic belt. Another is like a thick tuft of grass, and has soft thick legs like it’s a thick wool yarn. The most unusual find is the one that seems like skin, even the color is right. It’s actually quite nasty looking and when you touch it it really feels like skin.

skin seaweed

Seaweed that looks like skin – what is this?

Seaweed on Maine coast

I looked up more of them and found names such as Fucus gardneri (Rockweed), which seems to be really common on the Maine beaches, green sea fingers (Codium fragile) and Saccharina dentigera (Northern Stiff-Stiped Kelp). I want to learn more about seaweed now, these shapes can certainly inspire one to create!